Make Notion Work For You - Automate Notion Mini Course

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You're using Notion all wrong!

Notion is an excellent app for organizing your ideas, business, and life, but what if you could make it do the work for you?

I was tired of doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again. I knew there had to be a better way, so I could save time and focus my energy on important things like doing the actual work. Over the last year, I have studied no-code automation tools and how to use them with Notion to make it your personal assistant.

In this mini course I will teach how to use no-code automation tools like Zapier to make Notion do the work for you in less than 60 minutes!

What's Inside:

  • Intro to Zapier,, GenerateBanners, and Notion
  • Exercise 1: How to use Notion with Google Drive to automate a folder directory.
  • Exercise 2: How to use Notion with GenerateBanners to automate invoice creation.

What's Included:

Who is this for?

  • Anyone that is tired of hearing about ChatGPT and other Ai tools - with this mini course you'll be able to better understand how to use the Ai tools for the future better equipping you to grow along the industry instead of being left out.
  • Anyone that uses Notion!
  • Anyone that constantly does the same tasks over and over again when they start a new project.

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Make Notion Work For You - Automate Notion Mini Course

1 rating
I want this!