Business CC - Notion Template

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Business CC - Notion Template

Jon Sorrentino
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*Automation Upgrade COMING SOON*

The all-in-one workspace for freelancers and digital service providers.

Lightweight, easy-to-use, minimalistic, subscription-free.

Business CC is a custom-built Notion workspace to track clients, projects, and invoices.

Key Features:

  • Client CRM
  • Project Management
  • Task Lists
  • Timesheet Tracking
  • Custom Database Views
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Automated Formulas

What's Included?

  • Business CC Notion Workspace
    • Created by and for working freelancers, creators, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to manage every aspect of their business in an easy-to-use tool.
  • Exclusive Slack Community
    • Filled with creatives from all over the world, working and growing their own businesses.
  • Lifetime Updates
    • You get completely free updates and additions to the workspace the day you purchase.
  • Walkthrough Video & Step-by-step Guides
    • Video walkthrough of the Business CC dashboard, campaigns, tasks, clients, and invoice pages.
    • PDF Guides for creating clients, campaigns, tasks, and invoices.


Feel free to email workwithjonsorre@gmail.com for any questions you have about this product.

I want this!
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